Safari Tents

Nestled harmoniously within the embrace of nature, the bespoke safari tents redefine the art of luxurious wilderness living. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these tents offer an exquisite blend of comfort and adventure. The canvas walls, fortified by a double layer, stand as resilient guardians against the elements, while the three-layered roof provides both insulation and an assurance of protection. Each tent becomes a personalized sanctuary as it unfolds to reveal a thoughtfully designed interior that can be tailored to your desires. With the option to incorporate a charming porch, a well-appointed bedroom, and a modern bathroom, the tent becomes an idyllic retreat. As the morning sun spills its golden hues onto your private porch, you can revel in the serene landscape. The interior reflects both elegance and practicality, with a bedroom adorned in opulent linens and a bathroom replete with contemporary amenities. A stay in these safari cottage tents is an invitation to savor the wild panoramas while cocooned in a lavish haven tailored precisely to your wishes.

Customizable Layout

The Safari Tent can be modified to be provided with or without a bathroom.

3 Layer roof

The three layered roof provides insulation against extreme weather while increasing durability.

Breathable Material

The Walls made from canvas material of the safari tent are extremely durable, easy to maintain and breathable in extreme heat conditions.


The Self Supporting frame structure of the saafari cottage tent makes it easy to install even in cases with land restrictions. Extra ropes are provided for an added support.

safari tents

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safari tents