4 layer luxury safari tent

Experience the epitome of opulent wilderness living in our exclusive 4-layered luxury safari tent. Designed to exceed expectations, this exceptional accommodation offers unparalleled comfort and protection amidst nature’s embrace. The outermost layer, crafted from fire-retardant non-filament mesh fabric, provides an innovative shield against the elements. With UV protection and the ability to filter out 70% of rain and sunshine, it ensures your comfort while allowing you to immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty. Beneath this advanced layer lies double-side coated PVC fabric, followed by heavy-duty canvas, forming a fortress of durability and resilience. And as you step into the interior, the printed cotton fabric reveals itself, showcasing both artistry and comfort. Unveil the luxury of nature without compromise in our 4-layered safari tent – where sophistication meets the wild.

Customizable Layout

The 4 Layer Safari Cottage Tent is extremely customizable with various layout options to best meet your requirements.

4 Layered roof

UV Protected Non Filament Mesh Fabric filters out 70% of all heat, sunshine & rain increasing comfort and durability of the safari tent at the same time.

Breathable Material

The Walls made from canvas material of the 4 layer luxury safari cottage tent are extremely durable, easy to maintain and breathable in extreme heat conditions.


The framework is crafted with CRC Pipes to provide the strength against extreme weather conditions.

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