At Aadi Tents, we pride ourselves on being a distinguished and enduring name in the tent manufacturing industry, with a rich heritage spanning over 90 years and across five generations. Our commitment to unparalleled quality and a profound understanding of the industry sets us apart, making us a beacon of excellence in the world of luxury tents.

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90 Years in the industry

Our journey over the decades has not only allowed us to master the art of tent manufacturing but has also given us a deep understanding of our clients’ desires. At Aadi Tents, we are committed to providing an exceptional and personalized experience to every client. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, paired with our heritage of luxury tent craftsmanship, ensures that each interaction with us is an experience in itself.

Meet the Team

Adeep Sethi


Dimple Sethi


Gurkirpal Sethi

Marketing Director

Ar. Jaskirat Sethi

Architectural Consultant

advancing through innovation

In our journey spanning over 90 years and across five generations, Aadi Tents has continually evolved and embraced innovation and technology to elevate the art of luxury tent manufacturing. Our commitment to delivering the epitome of luxury and sophistication has driven us to integrate cutting-edge advancements into our traditional craftsmanship, allowing us to create tents that are not only timeless but also technologically advanced.