Alpine tents

Discover the allure of the great outdoors with our Alpine tents. Crafted to embrace both rugged exploration and cozy comfort, these tents are your gateway to nature’s majesty. Designed to withstand the elements, their robust construction ensures shelter against mountain winds and changing weather. Inside, a snug haven unfolds, offering warmth and security after a day of adventure. The Alpine tents beckon intrepid souls to experience the mountains up close while providing a serene retreat under the starlit alpine skies.

Custom Sizes

The alpine tents are available in multiple sizes which can be customized to best meet your requirements.


The old school design of the alpine tent screams ruggedness and durability. A reliable design proven to last.

Waterproof Material

The Alpine Camping tent is formed with heavy duty durable waterproof nylon fabric to make sure you stay comfortable while experiencing the beauty of the great outdoors.

Easy to carry

Our trekking sized tents are made to be easy to carry on your next adventure.

Alpine Tent